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What is Grad School & Why Should I Apply?


Not sure where to start in preparing for graduate school or what the difference is between a master’s or a PhD? This presentation from Academic Advancement Programs (AAP) defines graduate school and where your career and academic goals meet.

Tuesday, January 19th
11 AM - 12PM

Summer Research for Grad School Preparation
(Undergraduate Student Panel)


How do summer research programs help your application for graduate school? Come listen to and ask questions of students who participated in summer research programs on and off-campus this past summer. 

Tuesday, January 26th
12 PM - 1PM

Become a Competitive Grad School Applicant

What do I need to prepare for a graduate school application? Academic Advancement Programs (AAP) gives an overview of the pieces of a competitive graduate school applicant. Usually, students with 0-60 credits gain the most from this workshop, as they learn how to build towards a competitive application.
Wednesday, February 3rd
10 AM - 11 AM
Monday, March 1st
12 PM - 1 PM

Building Your Academic Portfolio for Grad Prep


Prepare your academic portfolio now! Learn how to build an ePortfolio and prepare materials for your graduate school application(s). Academic Advancement Programs (AAP) has created a presentation to walk students how to build a professional academic portfolio online to showcase their skills and experiences as they prepare for graduate school.

Wednesday, February 23rd
1 PM - 2 PM

Applying to and Succeeding in Grad School
(Graduate Student Panel)


Have you ever wondered how students manage to successfully apply to and thrive in graduate school while handling other responsibilities? This Academic Advancement Programs (AAP) workshop allows you to get that information directly from the source. Ask questions and listen to a panel of graduate students discuss their experiences. 

Applying to and Succeeding in Graduate School
Thursday, March 18th
2 PM - 3 PM

Getting Great Letters of Recommendation

How do you know if the relationships you’ve built with your faculty will turn into great letters of recommendation? This Academic Advancement Programs (AAP) workshop will break down the steps needed to ensure your letters of recommendation are strong for graduate school applications.
Wednesday, March 24th
11 AM - 12 PM

The Graduate School Application Process


For students who are 1-2 semesters from applying, get the details from Academic Advancement Programs (AAP) on the application process for graduate school. You’ll be able to fully prepare for the application process after this session.

Monday, February 8th
10 AM - 11 AM

Developing Your Statement of Purpose

Have you ever wondered what graduate schools look for in a statement of purpose? Come to this Academic Advancement Programs (AAP) session and learn how to shape your statement of purpose into a competitive statement.
Thursday, February 18th
12 PM - 1 PM

Funding Your Grad School Education


Academic Advancement Programs (AAP) discusses how to fund your graduate school education during research week. Hint: Research is a huge asset when applying to funding opportunities for graduate school. This workshop is co-sponsored by UCF’s College of Graduate Studies

Tuesday, April 6th
2 PM - 3 PM

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