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The UCF McNair Scholars Program provides its scholars with year round support towards the goal of acceptance into quality graduate programs. Scholars have access to a dedicated and supportive staff as well as a multitude of resources that will make that goal a reality. We encourage all of our scholars to present their research in as many professional conferences as possible. Below you will find a listing of universities with application waivers for McNair scholars, information on the fellowships, and a listing of fully funded graduate school visitation programs.

National McNair Scholars Program Website:
In collaboration with UCF’s Marketing department the UCF McNair Scholars Program has created a national McNair web site.  The site provides information on McNair conferences, funding opportunities and graduate school visitation programs for scholars, success stories and resources for the McNair community.

Application Incentives:
A list of schools offering application fee waivers for McNair scholars can be found at the Council for Opportunity in Education McNair page. 

Please visit our the McNair conference page for a brief list of conferences hosted by other McNair programs as well as professional societies.

GRE Preparation:
Official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Website

Scholarships and Fellowships:
The UCF Graduate McNair Fellowship is a competitive fellowship that is offered to the most outstanding undergraduate McNair scholars who are accepted into UCF graduate programs. This fellowship award is over $20,000 for a master’s student and more than $35,000 for a doctoral student.